Day 13: The Paris Agreement

  • 7:30 p.m. Paris Time: Paris Agreement was adopted universally by the 196 UNFCCC Parties, bringing COP21 to a close
  • 11:30 a.m.: 31-page final draft was presented to the Comité de Paris by president Laurent Fabius after intense overnight consultations
  • INDCs submitted by Venezuela (oil and gas nation) and Saint Kitts and Nevis — the total is now 187
  • Key points:
    • Temperature rise well below 2° C and 1.5° C if possible
    • Peak emissions as soon as possible and “balanced” out to zero by 2050
    • $100 billion legally-binding annual climate financing before 2020 and more after
    • 5-year ratcheting and transparency mechanism with updates or new INDCs by 2020
    • Loss and damage has its own article, alongside mitigation and adaptation
  • Many hail the agreement as historic, ambitious, binding, a cause for optimism, and a signal to businesses for a low-carbon future
  • Activists criticize the agreement’s shortcomings — even full implementation of INDCs will not keep global warming below 2°

Paris Agreement: The final document is here.

UNFCCC Press Release: Official summary of the agreement.

Ban Ki-Moon: Words from the UN Secretary General. “What was once unthinkable has now become unstoppable” and “The work starts tomorrow.”

News Coverage: The New York Times reports in detail.

A landmark accord, according to Reuters.

A disaster, according to activist George Monbiot.

Day 13: The Paris Agreement

2 thoughts on “Day 13: The Paris Agreement

  1. Ruiming Song says:

    Dear Amanda,
    I am a high school rising senior from Beijing, China. I have been to COP21 as a campaigner and youth observer. I am really interested in your writing. Could I know more about your experience there? Thx!


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